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The Amazing Flip It Bottle Hole Game is Sold With Four (4) Amazing Flip It Bottles.



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COVERED by U.S. PATENT: D897 ,207 S

The Amazing Flip It Bottle Caps come in three (3) sizes that fit most ordinary bottles they are uniquely designed to flip or stack ordinary bottles on its Cap. It brings bottle flipping to the next level.

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The Amazing Flip It Bottle Hole Game - Sold With Four (4) Amazing Flip It Bottles.


THE AMAZING FLIP IT BOTTLE Covered by U.S. Patent: D897 ,207 S - Once you flip It you will never flip another bottle


THE AMAZING FLIP IT BOTTLE CAPS Covered by U.S. Patent: D897 ,207 S - WOW It brings bottle flipping to the next level


Facts Related to Flipping Game:

Most the people are now aware of the fun flipping bottle game, as it was a trend back in 2016. It was tried by almost all, but some of us failed at it. This is because the game requires a technique for easy landings. Being such hype, the flip bottle challenge game was even launched by some of the online websites, in the form of a complete set in which are they provide the essentials.

For all those who want to give it a try at home only, we have mentioned some of its easy and smooth landing techniques and have written down some facts about the flipping bottle new game. Scroll till the end and try is back again with a bottle for better results.

• Popularity:

For a recap, the craze for this game was since May 2016. A North Carolina based kid showcased his talent of this flipping bottle on a talent show and was appraised by the judges. The video later when uploaded on Youtube and had crossed around five million views on it, and became a trend.

After this, a Youtube popular group named Dude Perfect also tried out their flipping tricks and gathered around 30 million views and many new subscribers on their channel. Later, all their fans and friends tried this out and made it hype and trend in 2016.

As already mentioned, the game asks for some techniques to be followed for easy results. But before this, you need to gather some essential items for the same.

• Essentials:

The flip bottle challenge game involves a plastic bottle, with its content visible from the outside. Prefer a transparent bottle, light in colour. If you do not wish to arrange the game and collect items individually, you can also go for a flipping bottle fun game.

• Fill in the Contents:

After arranging the bottle, the next step is to fill in the contents in the bottle. It would be best if you went for a 500ml clear bottle. Filling in the content to the exact level is the crucial part, as further all the steps will depend on this. It would be best if you filled it till 1/3rd or ¼th level. If the water level is not matched correctly, then there are chances that it might not land in the desired position.

• Surface:

Now the bottle is ready. All you need to look for now is a flat surface for a successful flip bottle challenge game. The surface will be used to landing the filled water bottle, and it needs to be flat for a smooth landing. If you are going for a table or a desk, then make sure it is not broken. You also can do the challenge on the floor, but you need to be seated cross-legged for that. In the online option available for a fun flipping bottle game, you would get a landing tray where the bottle is supposed to land.

After collecting all the items mentioned above, next, you need to look out for the technique.

• Flip:

It would help if you now held the filled water bottle from the neck near the cap. It would help if you held it with your fingertip and thumb. Hold the bottle, grab it, and if your hands rest in a claw-like position, then you are on the right track and almost a few seconds away from the flip.

Now next, you need to flick and flip the bottle in the air, holding it tightly from its neck so that it doesn’t slip away. While flipping it, you need to ensure that it turns around circularly. For this, you need to move your arm and not the wrist, as it will lead to a disbalanced technique.

Now the bottle is in the air, and you are staring at it, wishing it to land straight. There are chances that it might still get disbalanced, but in this case, you need to practise the technique and also try the flip bottle challenge game again.

In case you are wondering that you might have missed or not have followed all the techniques, you can also go for the prepared sets of flipping bottle new game, as in these sets, you only need to throw it in the hole.

Parent’s Concern for the Game:

There are some parents out there who are not satisfied with the game. The major issue for their dislike is tapping noise by the kid trying to land it perfectly. Some parents have listed it as wasteful and also linked their environmental concern with the same. They have mentioned that kids seek out plastic bottles to achieve some dumb and unattainable goals, which is a total waste of time in their eyes.