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5 Easy Steps to do the Bottle Flipping Challenge

We cannot deny that we all have tried to flip the bottle game once to flip the bottle upright correctly, and some of us are still trying to get that right to date. This beautiful art got its popularity after a viral video in 2016. Mike Senatore flipped the bottle at a talent show and popularized the activity.

 After this initial video, many other videos for flipping a water bottle game were also released. If you are still struggling with it, try out the simple five steps mentioned below for clarity!

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Preparing the Bottle: 

  1. It would help if you started the challenge with an empty clear bottle of 500 ml bottle of plastic. You can also get a soda bottle. The fact behind selecting the bottle for the same is that it needs to be transparent and clear so that the water level is visible. Avoid going for the dark-colored bottles, as you won’t be able to get your water level right in the same.
  1. Next step is to fill the water bottle with the water; it needs to be filled up to 1/3rd level. You need to fill it with water; otherwise, the bottle may not land as desired. To get perfection, get a measuring cup and then fill it. Too much water will not allow flipping the bottle and will not allow it to land out perfectly. Fewer water levels will also not be sufficient for the proper landing.
  1. Next, you need to find a flat surface where you will flip the bottle and land the same. It needs to be even and flat and also must not be broken or wobbly. Sitting with your legs crossed on the hard floor is the best way to attain the same.

Flipping the Bottle:

  1. The next step is to flip the water bottle for the flipping water bottle game. It would help if you now grabbed the bottle with your thumbs and fingertips, holding and grabbing it for the perfect flip. Next, you need to hold it from the next, ensuring perfect distance and pressure. If your hand looks in a claw position, this means that you are half done with the methods. 
  1. Next, flip the bottle from your wrist with full pressure, making it stand in an upright position. It is the final step, as, after this, you need to wait and watch the results.

These are the five-step that will help you perfectly land the bottle. But, reading it won’t help until and unless you do not practice the same. It would help if you tried multiple times for the perfect landing.

In case you are looking to eliminate the preparation steps, there are alternates available for you too. All you need to do is search for the buy flip challenge online at low prices in NY to get the desired results for the same.

How the Prepared Game Are Sets Different?

In case you are eliminating to skip the steps to fill the bottle and get the level perfect, there are many options available over the internet for flipping water bottle games.

Many websites have launched their game sets where you will get the pre-filled water bottle and a holder for the landings. All you need to do is try out tricks for the flips. It is surely a fun-filled game to be played with friends and family.