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Check out the different types of flipping the bottle games

After the pandemic coronavirus, most people prefer not to go outside the home unless it is necessary. This is the reason why folks are able to give more time to the family. You can cook together, watch movies or play some exciting fun games, out of which bottle flip challenge games are the most interesting ones. 

Bottle flipping game is an enthusiastic game because you challenge your opponents in this game. You will find many varieties of bottle flipping board games. Even after its popularity, such games are also available online that you can play it at your home.  

What is the bottle flipping phenomenon?

The idea of this challenge is simple in which the players have to flip a bottle that contains liquid in the air and get it land standing up. This strategy game is not easy to win, but again it is not rocket science, so you must try it with your family and friends, challenging them and winning it. 

You will find a large collection of varied bottle flipping games available in virtual stores, and you can buy one from The Amazing Flip it Bottle. If you have still not tried attempting to flip the Bottle in real life, you are missing some fun!  

Types of flipping bottle games: 

Bottle Flip 

The first bottle flipping game which reached the Android market was Bottle Flip. This game comes with a very simple objective, and you have to only flip the Bottle, get it land on the surface in the background. Maybe it sounds extra easy, right? But there is a catch. That initial level of this game will be easier to win, but as you progress and keep on making a higher score, the gaming platform begins to move and shrink. 

The shrinking and moving of the gaming platform will make it harder for you to learn the Bottle accurately. This can frustrate you to the next level, but you will be surprised venue keep on playing it, telling yourself, "one last go!”  

Water Bottle Flip Challenge 

Other flipping bottle games include the water bottle flip challenge, which is slightly different from the previous one. Though both the games have the same idea of the flipping bottle, there are three varied modes to play. Every time you get a different way of Bottle flipping, including Jump, Flip, and Climb. 

In the jump mode, you have to flip the Bottle from one platform to another, trying to land it correctly. In another mode, you have to bring the Bottle on the platform in the background. In the climb mode, you need to flip it from one platform to another, trying to get it as high as possible. 

In this Android game, you can compete with your friends and challenge each other.  

The Amazing Flip it Bottle board game 

Although you can enjoy playing flip the bottle games on your mobile phone, the real enjoyment lies in playing the board game. This bottle game has holes in the board in which you have to land the bottles back after flipping them. It is more challenging and fun than any Android game because it keeps your competitive spirit on every time when you flip the Bottle. The bottles used in this game are made of durable material and are designed in such a way that they can easily land on its cap. 

Final Thoughts 

If you also wish to play together with family or friends and spend some extra fun time, buy flipping bottle toys and games without any delays. Challenging games never leave the trend, and this is why bottle flip challenge games are still more popular than many other challenge games.