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Water Bottle Flip Challenge Game: Let the Enjoyment Begins!

We would have never imagined that a pandemic situation can make us stuck inside our homes for so long. But we did. Right? However, have you ever thought in this pandemic situation that we all got an opportunity to rekindle the relationship we were missing with our family? And, the memorable part was playing indoor games! And one of the most popular indoor games is the water bottle flip challenge game. The game lets you challenge your opponent! So, are you ready to play this game at your place? Then, check out this article; you will get all information about this crazy game.

Flip Bottle Challenge Game: How to Play & Win

In recent years, the water bottle flip challenge has gained attention. And yes, in this game, age is just a number. Anyone can play! And it sound’s interesting. 

What you have to do in this game is you need a plastic water bottle, and you can play anywhere that has a flat surface. Throw the cap of the water bottle in a way that when you spin it, it will land on its bottom. 

So this game is a real enjoyment dose! Yes, you can play it with two players and even with multiple players. So now, don’t wait for the lockdown; get some time on weekends and play with your family with full enthusiasm, and yes, this game is a great source of entertainment.

How to play the water bottle flip challenge game?

Equipment needed: One plastic bottle that is filled with almost ⅓ water.

Steps for the game:

Step 1 - everyone will get a chance to flip the bottle until at least one person gets it. 

Step 2 - when the first person in the game lands the bottle, then the next player has one more chance to land the bottle again. 

Step 3 - If no player in the game lands the bottle, the last player that gets it will win. Otherwise, in such a situation, the people who easily land the bottle will stay in the game, others will get eliminated. 

Step 4 - You need to follow the above steps until one wins the game. 

Did you find it interesting? One thing is for sure while playing this game; you will live your childhood days. Even nowadays, the flip bottle challenge game is becoming like a trend, and this game has its online version, where you can play the game with your opponent.

Tips for Winning Flip Bottle Challenge

Want to win this game? You need to be a little smart and play with the right tactics. The key to land the bottle every single time is by using the right technique that involves your wrist and finger. You must keep in mind that you must use your pointer finger your thumb and your middle finger while grasping the bottle cap. After that, it’s time to bend your wrist down to add on momentum and use it to flick your wrist back to the position while you let go of the bottle. 

The landing should be perfect. You must practice landing the bottle until you land it properly; once you did, keep mimicking how much you can able to bend your wrist while landing the bottle. This trick will help you out in winning the water bottle flip challenge.

Different Version of Flip Bottle Challenge

The most difficult part of playing this game is when you have to land the bottle on the cap instead of the bottle’s bottom. This version requires a higher level of practice and skills. If your technique is right you will easily land the bottle.

What should be your objective in the game?

You need more than one tries to be perfect in flipping bottles, but your main objective is to land the bottle through different levels and reach the final point without dropping the bottle on the floor. 

Now, if you get bored of playing this game, you can go online and try out its online version; you will love it for sure. You will get a chance to cross different levels and will get rewards. So, what are you waiting for? Another lockdown! Just kidding, play this with your family in your free time and enjoy it. 

So, are you ready to test your skills? Try this game at your home and create some magical moments. 

This fun-time flip bottle challenge game got attention in 2016, and again this game has made its come back in offline as well as online world! The choice is yours! Which version do you want to go for? 

Always remember indoor games are the perfect way to eliminate boredom from our life! And this game is a treat to play and watch! We hope this article helps you to the best.

Keep playing champs with the right techniques!