The Amazing Flip It Bottle products bring fun and enjoyment and make all social gatherings more exciting !!!


Bottle flipping first became fashionable many centuries ago when bartenders dazzled their patrons with amazing bottle flips before serving them their orders.  More recently, flair bartending or extreme bartending became more prevalent as bartenders entertained their guests by manipulating bottles in dazzling, tricky ways. During 2015-2016 bottle flipping became a big international trend reaching all ages as kids young and old partook in a a feverish craze attempting to flip ordinary bottles.   

A few years ago, while attending one of my grandchildren’s birthday parties I noticed my teenage granddaughter attempting to flip an ordinary.  She was so focused and memorized on what she was doing. Now, in my younger years I was once a bartender and enjoyed extreme bartending tricks, which included bottle flipping. With a smile on my face, I eventually decided to join her.  Not long after, our whole family were trying to flip the bottle right-side-up. And then it dawned on me: I could create a fun, exciting, and competitive game of skill and some luck that big kids of all ages could enjoy.   

Over a period of a few years we worked diligently at crafting and testing different ideas for a bottle flipping game. Now, most of you might not realize this, but there is a lot of science that goes into bottle flipping: from physics, to mass, to gravity, and to the cool notion of angular momentum. Our team was aware that even the slightest design changes could alter dramatically alter the science behind bottle flipping.  So we tested and re-tested ideas and concepts. We designed and built different bottles, caps, and landing boards.  What we eventually came up with was a series of specifications for our aerodynamically engineered bottles and caps that would enhance competitive play. And we payed great attention to the high quality of our products – including our hand-crafted wooden game board – which are all built with great craftsmanship. 

The outcome of our work and product design has been truly amazing that branding our efforts was easy. And so, on behalf of the entire team at The Amazing Flip It Bottle,™ Inc., we are happy to offer the most carefully designed and engineered bottle flipping game fit for everyone! 

In a time where most everything evolves around the use of computers and is digitized, The Amazing Flip It Bottle™ is a highly interactive game where individuals gather together and in person with one another. What a great concept – ‘together and in person’! 

On behalf of the entire The Amazing Flip It Bottle™ team, we hope that you enjoy our products and equally value the time you will spend with those you compete with! 

Joe Marino 

The Amazing Flip It Bottle,™ Inc.