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The Amazing Flip It Bottle is a game of science as much as it is a game of skill and chance.

Now, there are many factors that will impact a person’s ability to land a bottle on its base or the more difficult challenge of landing it on its cap. This includes how many times you flip the bottle in the air, how high you flip the bottle, and the amount of liquid in the bottle. When The Amazing Flip It Bottle team was designing our bottle and cap our engineering team focused on the physics at play for competitive bottle flipping.

However, when a bottle is partially filled with water when it is flipped the water moves around the cylinder – causing the bottle’s spin to slow as it flips through the air. This will make it possible for the bottle to land either on its base (much easier) or on its cap (more difficult).  The Amazing Flip It Bottle team discovered that there are design mechanisms of the bottle and cap along with the amount of liquid placed in a bottle that increase the likelihood of landing a bottle on either its base or cap. 

The Amazing Flip It Bottle and Amazing Flip It Bottle Caps are designed to increase the likelihood of landing on its base or cap and can increase a bottle flipper skill.